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Scotchgard Carpet Protection Adelaide - Carpet Steam Cleaning Adelaide

Scotchgard Carpet Protection Adelaide

Get Extra Protection For Your Valuable Carpets and Rugs

Scotchgard Carpet Protector is a famous and most commonly used method for protecting your carpet for a decade. Scotchgard can be applied to carpets and rugs to provide the extra protection that can protect them from stains as well as beauty the overall furnishing of the carpet. Scotchgard Carpet Protector is a water-based polymer of Teflon which protects the carpet effectively. It will provide superb protection from stains, liquid spills and other staining liquids until you get your carpets cleaned again. If somehow you drop some liquid or food on the carpet or if you happen to see fresh stains. You can easily mop the surface of the protector and get rid of staining liquid and it prevents staining liquid to seep within the carpet. This protective layer of Teflon will safeguard your carpets and will make Carpet Cleaning very easy. Furthermore, these protectors will accumulate dirt but the dirt can easily be cleaned by a vacuum or a brush. As there is a protective layer on the surface of the carpet so it will provide a barrier between the carpet and dust settlement.

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    • Teflon surface is hydrophobic and dust resistance which can easily be cleaned by a wet cloth.
    • In our professional opinion, we consider Scotchgard protector as the best way to prevent your carpets from stains and dirt.
    • Teflon protector also helps in maintaining long life and freshness of the carpet fibres and prevent chronic deterioration of the carpet.

    Scotchgard Carpet Protector Application

    First, deep professional Carpet Steam Cleaning Adelaide of the carpet is carried out to make sure the fibres of the carpet are dust free. Then Scotchgard carpet protector is applied to the fibres of the carpet. Its carried out by coating up individual fibres of carpet with an invisible UV resistant shield which is oil and water repellant. This water and oil-repellent property of this coating will provide excellent protection from liquid and oil stains on the carpet and stains will not have an effect on the fibres as they are coated with Teflon. In case of staining the staining liquid will bead up in drops rather than being soaked up the fibres. This repellent of liquid will give you enough time to clean and wipe the carpet easily and prevent any further damage and setting in of the stain.

    Scotchgard Carpet Protector Service

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